Teater street - Isezakicho doriI

At the end of the street the KiraKuzu Theater. It was buildt in 1895 and destoyed in a fire in 1899. Reopened December 31 1899. To the right Hiyoshitai vaudeville?







Main street with american flags from the visit of the grand white fleet in 1907

Nankin-machi witth small shops

Motomachi dori


To the left: T Yamaguchi - dealer in all kinds of carpets rugs oil cloth matting wicker trunks etc  no 84

Motomach dori

The the right is a circular sign: Yokohama photographer art studio Motomachi 2 2-chome

Isezakicho dori

Isezakicho dori

The concrete building behind the telemast to left is Echizen-ya dry goods store - wholesale and retail from 1909. First floor miscellaneous goods, second floor kimono, third floor uniforms and roof garden. Isezakicho 2-chome 21. To the right violet sign 4 characters: Hanai Tea Store Isezakicho 2-chome 16.. Behind a postbox (red) is seen as a shop sign for Kamigata-ya postcard shop - Motomachi 2 chome 85.

Isezakicho dori

The first shop to the left is Mitsuru Togiya  (toy sales) Matsugae cho 5


The elefant sign is from FUKUDAYA , Ivory sculptures, Benten-dori san-chome 54 The next shop  no 56 has a rectangular sign: text Shoes and trunks Maruyama bros  co. The next sign rectangular (green) is K. Shimizu - Trunkmaker No 57. The clock tower was a symbol of Benten-cho.



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